Monday, 24 July 2017

CRC demonstrating SSTV at Egham Raspberry Jam

We were invited back to the Egham Raspberry jam (hosted by gartner in Staines) this weekend and quickly set up a SSTV demonstration. We had quite a few technical issues but were able to show SSTV in action and share about ARISS 20 year celebrations, talk about our great hobby and recruit several people into taking their foundation license. We also met some existing Hams and had a great conversation.

Here is the receiving station running Raspberry pi(3) with 7 inch touch screen display, running latest version of QSSTV. To make this as simple a possible for people to copy and try out, we showed using the PC microphone held against both the 857 (big radio) and a simple hand held.

 Here is Bob (M6FLT) at the transmit side of the SSTV station, sending a picture from his Raspberry pi(3) hooked up to an external monitor, and receiving on the lynx 7 inch tablet (in his hand)

Showing that the Lynx 7 inch windows tablet can also TX sstv (whilst holding hand held next to it)

Bob (M6FLT) having just shown a few people to all the leaflets we bought along

Receiving the SSTV images on the Raspberry Pi3

Few more guests at our stand

Our little display with some RSGB posters and fliers  for our guests to take away with them.

Oscar Looking after the receive side of the station, and he also decided to run Pi-Minecraft and had his own crowd of children to chat with.

Bob M6FLT (chairman CRC) manning his SSTV station just before the door open