Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Project "Thomas Watch" enabling Autism using radio's

My Son Thomas, is 11, he has autism and is struggling with his independence a little bit.

He likes to ride his bike around the street, but sometimes get distracted or goes off a little far.

I do stand outside and keep an eye on him, but when he goes around the block, those 5 minutes or so out of sight can be a little bit nerve racking, knowing he may get distracted or head off somewhere without letting me know.

I found on EBay the Baofeng 888 no thrills UHF radio for under £10 each delivered.
I set them up on the PMR frequencies and have successfully shown Thomas how to use them

The box contains 2 radios, docking station and USB charge plug, rubber duck antenna, wrist strap and also additional headset / microphone 

I added the Autism Awareness stickers to the radio, in case Thomas is approached by anyone or needs to make them aware of his condition. It just a quick added visual for the general public.

The handset is fairly small, no display to distract from its main function and is easy t use (even little hands) Volume is loud and clear as is the microphone. You can set up CTCSS and DTS to keep out interference as needed. You can also enable VOX (voice operated PTT) if needed.

My idea is now to share radios with friends and neighbours in the street to help keep an eye on Thomas, but it also goes the other way around that we can keep an eye on the other children in the area.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Egham Raspberry Jam hosted by Gartna in Staines Middx. Sunday.

Oscar (red) Leo (Blue) looking at a few of the projects

Bob taking a look at the raspberry pi controlling LED colour and brightness

Oscar and Leo learning about how electricity conducts and makes a sound, Scratch and raspberry pi  

Some coding in scratch on the raspberry pi, to make the octopus make a sound, several channels available, also some hidden features which make the onscreen octopus miaow and moves (hidden features)

Oscar and leo using a BBC microbit with geo sensor to control a toy crane (tilt the controller to control)

Oscar with the BBC microbit controlling the crane project.

Oscar playing SNAKE using a BBC microbit as a tilt controller

Leo blowing a fan to create a graph using a BBC Microbit

many sensors and displays.

Bob playing a game on the smallest LCD I have ever seen BBC Microbit

Close up of the LCD screen

Oscar playing rubic's cube via the raspberry pi Python code, notice the LCD touch screen 

Changing colour and rotating 

Oscar and Leo found retropi on the raspberry pi 3 and played happly for an hour on Mario cart and super mario 64 ;-)

Oscar controlling a raspberry pi rover with a wireless controller

Tiny LCD close up in high res.
High res Oscar and Leo on the BBC microbit controlled crane

James took an oppertunity to play radio / satellites

Kempton park radio rally on Sunday

Bob M6FLT using the Arrow satellite antenna at Kempton park on Sunday.

James M0JFP Meets RSGB Region 10 Manager Mick G4EFO at Kempton park rally
Spot the YOTA badge ;-)

James M0JFP in front of the ATV van at the rally 

James M0JFP with the arrow antenna working SO-50 from Kempton park rally.