Friday, 28 September 2018

ISS packet fun and games

FM sats frequency chart for your radio

Channel name Transmit (ctcss 67.0) Receive
AO91-1 435.24 145.96
AO91-2 435.245 145.960 
AO91-3 435.25 145.960 
AO91-4 435.255  145.960 
AO91-5 435.26 145.960 
AO92-1 435.34 145.88
AO92-2 435.345 145.880 
AO92-3 435.35 145.880 
AO92-4 435.355 145.880 
AO92-5 435.36 145.880 
SO50-1 145.85 436.805       
SO50-2 145.85 436.800       
SO50-3 145.85 436.795       
SO50-4 145.85 436.790       
SO50-5 145.85 436.785       
AO85-1 435.16 145.98
AO85-2 435.165 145.98
AO85-3 435.17 145.98
AO85-4 435.175 145.98
AO85-5 435.18 145.98

Monday, 24 September 2018

MB7DAA UK's First standalone licensed DMR APRS Node **144.700 UK wide frequency**

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 

The idea to have a common frequency for DAPRS is to help create a better gps / DAPRS network and allow people to use their GPS compatible radios to send their location data.
Other DMR radios will be able to send a text message via the aprs network and receive as well, they could send a static GPS message if they wanted to.

As I understand it, some repeaters allow GPS data in on talkgroup 5057, but at the moment I can do this on a phoenix repeater.

Having the option to run a node, even side by side an existing analogue one would be very useful.

Go to the BrandMeiser self care website:
set up your details example screenshot below

Now in the radio,

Create a new contact private call on 5057

Next create a channel

Set up GPS system

Now add the channel to a zone

Save the codeplug to the radio, select zone DAPRS and channel DAPRS (so we are 144.700 cc1 ts 2 and will pulse GPS data every 30 seconds on talkgroup 5057 private call)

Next the host spot just needs to be set to RX TX o 144.700 and DMR BM UK server

You will then be able to see the SMS messages in and out from the dashboard (Ignore the dstar bit)

Results can be monitored on