Tuesday, 8 October 2019

ISS contact with Bampton School, Devon


1. Corey (Age 7): Has the International Space Station ever suffered any damage from a meteor strike?

2. Thea (Age 9): How can space be made accessible to people with disabilities?

3. Sophie (Age 10): How long will it take you to get used to gravity again when you get home?

4. Jesse (Age 6): What would happen if I took a snowball into space?

5. Rufus (Age 8): How do you get to and from the International Space Station?

6. Alfie (Age 10): If you cut yourself in space, who acts as the doctor to fix it for you?

7. Willow (Age 10): Do you dream differently in space or dream of anything in particular?

8. Jacob (Age 10): If I kick a football in space, how far would it travel?

9. Maya (Age 9): When you were a child did you want to go to space and is there anything that disappointed you about it?

10. Hetty (Age 8): What does it feel like when you are in a rocket and you are about to get shot into space?

11. Corey asking Oliver’s question (Age 9): If you could make one improvement to the International Space Station, what would it be?

12. Thea asking Nancy’s question (Age 5): The International Space Station travels at 5 miles per second, can you feel it moving when travelling fast like you can on earth?

13. Sophie asking Eban’s question (Age 6): The International Space Station is so fast, how does it not crash into the other satellites that are also in orbit?

14. Jesse asking Sorrel’s question (Age 9): Did you have any concerns looking back at Earth for the first time?

15. Rufus asking Macy’s question (Age 9): How many planets have you seen from the International Space Station?

16. Alfie asking Ellie’s question (Age 10): If you could grow any plant in the International Space Station what would it be?

17. Willow asking Eve’s question (Age 10): How long have you been on the International Space Station and how long do you think you could stay there for?

18. Jacob asking Johnny’s question (Age 6): What time goes your clock show on the Space Station? Is it USA, UK, Russian or Japan time?

19. Maya asking Ruan’s question (Age 9): Do you get to keep your customised seat or anything else as a souvenir of your trip?

20. Hetty asking William’s question (Age 8): We are getting aware about the amount of rubbish on earth, are you worried about the amount of space junk and can you see it?

Monday, 23 September 2019

ISS School contact University of Colorado Amateur Radio Club, Boulder, CO, telebridge via IK1SLD

University of Colorado Amateur Radio Club, Boulder, CO, telebridge via IK1SLD 
(Nick Hague KG5TMV)
             Tue 2019-09-24 17:43:20 UTC 86 deg
              Watch for livestream starting about 15 minutes before AOS              at http://www.ariotti.com

Warm up video

Live radio contact from M0JFP shack

Friday, 9 August 2019

ISS school contact with h Loreto College, Adelaide, South Australia, via telebridge IK1SLD in Northern Italy.

An educational radio contact is planned with Loreto College, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, via IK1SLD ARISS Telebridge Ground Station, located in northern Italy.
The ISS callsign is presently scheduled to be IRĂ˜ISS and the scheduled astronaut is Luca Parmitano KF5KDP.
Contact is go for: Thu 2019-08-15 09:17:06 UTC 53 deg; downlink signals from ISS will be audible above Europe on 145.800 MHz narrowband FM; contact will be in English. RX only! Credit: AMSAT.
Watch for livestream from ground station on www.ariotti.com starting about 15 min before AOS.
Proposed questions generated by the Loreto College students:
1. As this is the year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, has the moon any more significance to you?
2. What did it feel like when you first stepped into the International Space Station?
3. If you were able to choose how long to stay on the ISS, what would you say?
4. Would you like to explore space further, for example, be part of a mission to Mars?
5. Does viewing the Earth from space change the way in which you think about humanity?
6. I walk around my house; do you miss the feeling of “walking” in the Space Station?
7. What do you expect to see changing in the space industry in the coming years?
8. Is space tourism a worthwhile endeavour?
9. There are so many songs written with a space theme; what does space sound like?
10. Do you keep looking out in hope of seeing a UFO?
11. Does living without gravity impact on your physical state?
12. What do you do with any spare time?
13. Why is it called the “International” Space Station?
14. Are you able to keep in contact with family and close friends?
15. What do you do to overcome homesickness?
16. Is there ever a “day” in which you get bored?
17. Based on the experiences of past astronauts, what preparations are you already putting in place for your return?
18. If you had a choice of movie to watch, what would your favourite “space” movie be?
19. Viewing the “Blue Planet” from space, do you believe there are other planets that could support intelligent life?
20. Are you hopeful for our planet’s future?