Monday 27 July 2020

ISS SSTV scheduled for Aug 4th and 5th

The final crew schedule for the week of Aug 3-9 was released recently and it showed a MAI-75 activity scheduled for Aug 4 and 5. This is soon after the Space X Demo-2 undock so changes to that event could impact the schedule.

The current dates and times of the activity are as follows:
Aug 4 (12:25-18:10 UTC) is setup and day 1 operations.
Aug 5 (11:15-18:45 UTC) is day 2 operations and close out.

This is the Moscow Aviation Institute SSTV experiment that is activate for orbital passes over Moscow, Russia. It has traditional been PD-180 or PD-120 and transmitting on 145.800 MHz

ISS school contact planned for Thursday 30th July (17:40 UK time 61 degree pass!)

Tune in and has a listen to 145.800 wide FM this Thursday!!

ARISS ct. w/ American School of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on July 30 at 16:41 UTC. Ct. is a Multipoint Telebridge Contact via Amateur Radio thru an AMSAT Belgium club station in Aartselaar, Belgium. Ct. live stream at: