Saturday 14 July 2018

GB4BCF and GB8BCF Chertsey and Echelford run Radio display at Black Cherry Fair

Saturday 7 July 2018

M6FLT/KG7VZD The finished low cost signal generator on the homemade oscilloscope kit.

Tuesday 3 July 2018

ISS contact with Kardinal-Fringes-Gymnasium in Bonn Germany received by James / M0JFP in the UK #retevis

Here is a list of the questions asked (translated to English)

1. Yasna (11): How does the human body change in outer space?
2. Victor (11): Does your biorhythm change in space and can you sleep well?
3. Eva (17): Is it true that people cannot belch in space?
4. Tessa (11): Which everyday commodities and habits do you miss most?
5. Max (14): Is it possible to light a candle in the space station, and if so, what does it look like?
6. Roman (16): Do you see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve on the ISS?
7. Lena (16): Do you think that the idea of populating the Moon and Mars in near future is realistic?
8. Lorenz (16): Have you ever lost anything outside the ISS?
9. Max (17): What do you think about the disposal of waste, e. g. electronic scrap, in outer space?
10. Sven (17): What would you ask an astronaut if you were not an astronaut yourself?
11. Charlotte (13): How clean is the air inside the ISS? Do you need to do dusting?
12. David (13): What did your assistant CIMON surprise you the most with?
13. Linda (11): What does it feel like to go on a spacewalk?
14. Lorent (11): What was your most exceptional experience in outer space?
15. Anna (18): How difficult is it to readjust to life on earth after a long stay in space?
16. Maurice (15): Which spaceship would you take to fly to the ISS if you had the choice between the time-tested Soyuz capsule or the new Dragon V2?
17. Max (14): How fast is your internet connection on the ISS?
18. Lukas (15): What would happen in case of an acute medical emergency, e. g. appendicitis?
19. Anne (17): Is it possible to fly directly to the moon from the ISS?
20. Benjamin (9): What is your favorite food on the space station?

Live form the school itself:

Page 17 of the CAARA news July 2018 kindly mentions Benidorm or bust challenge