Tuesday 21 June 2016

VE3XN DE GB9LIZ... oh wow we just worked canada

Its just amazing what you can do with 100 watts and an 8 meter length of wire in a field.
Yeasu 857, 8 meter vertical fishing pole antenna, tuner and car battery...

We had a great opportunity to work 2 stations in Canada on Wednesday Evening.
Garry VE3XN also operating as VE3IC, was kind enough to set up a schedule and work GB9LIZ.

Here is our recording

Garry was also very kind and send lots of QSL cards and goodies through the post.
He also wrote a very interesting letter covering details of his Ham Radio history, some of the stations he had operated and some he had worked and the numerous awards and positions he has help.

I was a great honour to work you Garry both as GB9LIZ and as M0JFP. 

We will get you the QSL card early July and ensure we find some interesting things and photographs to share back to you.

Best 73 and very best of DX to you my new friend across the pond.