Tuesday 25 May 2021

Windsor School and Liceo Industrial de Valdivia High School

ARISS Contact is Scheduled with Students at
Windsor School and Liceo Industrial de Valdivia High School, Valdivia, Chile
May 23, 2021—Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) has received schedule confirmation for an ARISS radio contact with astronauts. ARISS is the group that puts together special amateur radio contacts between students around the globe and crew members with ham radio licenses on the International Space Station (ISS).
This will be a Multipoint Telebridge Contact via Amateur Radio between the ISS and students from Windsor School and Liceo Industrial de Valdivia High School. Students will take turns asking their questions of ISS Astronaut Mark Vande Hei, amateur radio call sign KG5GNP. English is the language that will be used during the contact. The downlink frequency for this contact is 145.800 MHZ and may be heard by listeners that are within the ISS-footprint that also encompasses the ARISS radio telebridge station.
ARISS team member Jan Poppeliers, in Aartselaar, Belgium using radio call sign ON4ISS, will serve as the ARISS relay amateur radio station. Each student asking a question on the ARISS radio will be conferenced in and social-distanced at school.
The ARISS radio contact is scheduled for May 25, 2021 at 2:33 pm CLT (Valdivia, Chile) (18:33 UTC, 2:33 pm EDT, 1:33 pm CDT, 12:33 pm MDT, 11:33 am PDT).
Windsor School and Liceo Industrial de Valdivia High School located in Valdivia, Chile will involve about 500 students (ages 11 – 18 years) in this ARISS contact. It will be the first-ever Chilean ARISS contact. Both institutions have modified their STEM curricula to include studies related to space exploration/science and radio communications. Projects and activities engage students in astronomy, radio science, robotics, and satellite-tracking software. Selected students participated in the Houston Association for Space and Science Education STEM program. The schools have partnered with members of Radio Club Torreones (amateur call CE6RTV) who will support the activities during this contact.
View the live stream of the upcoming ARISS radio contact at https://youtu.be/lS03hu-LI1E  .
As time allows, students will ask these questions:
1. Can you see any human building from space?
2. What are the most interesting things you have seen while in orbit?
3. Has been there any Latin American astronaut in ISS?
4. What strikes you about space and what is something that you can currently see?
5. What do you like most about being an astronaut?
6. Do you think it is possible that human beings will be able to overcome their feelings of isolation and loneliness in order to colonize another planet?
7. What was your reaction the first time you were in space?
8. Has being in space changed your perception on how people live on Earth? If so, how?
9. What is the longest time an astronaut has been on the ISS?
10. What motivated you to be an astronaut?
11. What should someone study to get the opportunity to go to space?
12. How does fire move in space?
13. We saw in the news that you cultivated greens in space, how did the salad taste?