Sunday 20 November 2016

Virtual Build-a-thon

Are you ready to join Chertsey radio club in their pioneering Virtual Build-a-thon?

Join our club on line each week via video conference and to build a long side our resident expert Bob M6FLT, with support from Kanga Products.

Become part of our virtual community, you simple need the kit, your soldering iron and usual work bench kit and bring your computer, tablet, mobile phone or laptop.

Using either Skype or Webex we will present each week for about 30 minutes showing you the next stage of building the project. You can then ask questions and show us how you are getting on.

We hope to make the very best use of the technology we have at our disposal to make this a fun and fully interactive event as if you were there in the room with us.

More information and a chance to vote of which kit you would be most interested in will be put on line soon.

Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, arduino