Friday 28 September 2018

ISS packet fun and games

FM sats frequency chart for your radio

Channel name Transmit (ctcss 67.0) Receive
AO91-1 435.24 145.96
AO91-2 435.245 145.960 
AO91-3 435.25 145.960 
AO91-4 435.255  145.960 
AO91-5 435.26 145.960 
AO92-1 435.34 145.88
AO92-2 435.345 145.880 
AO92-3 435.35 145.880 
AO92-4 435.355 145.880 
AO92-5 435.36 145.880 
SO50-1 145.85 436.805       
SO50-2 145.85 436.800       
SO50-3 145.85 436.795       
SO50-4 145.85 436.790       
SO50-5 145.85 436.785       
AO85-1 435.16 145.98
AO85-2 435.165 145.98
AO85-3 435.17 145.98
AO85-4 435.175 145.98
AO85-5 435.18 145.98

Sunday 23 September 2018

GB9CRS *Railways on the air special event*

James (M0JFP) and B0b M6FLT ran special event call GB9CRS (Chertsey railway station)
Operating HF on both 20 and 40 meters and also a couple of FM satellite passes.
Located laleham Park near Staines IO91.

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Astro-Pi "Mission Space lab" who's interested?

Mission Space Lab

Chertsey Radio club is inviting anyone aged under 19 years old to join us in creating some Python code, which will harness the full sensor range of the raspberry pi and sense hat (astro-pi) and could be run n the International Space station.

We will be visiting the Egham Raspberry Jam at the end of this month and will be running online sessions to help our teams prepare and upload their projects.

If you are a school, code club, or group of people interested, please get in contact we will help you!

Mission Space Lab offers students and young people the chance to have their scientific experiments run on the ISS. Your challenge is to design and program an experiment to be run on an Astro Pi computer. The best experiments will be deployed to the ISS, and your team will have the opportunity to analyse your results and put together a short report about your findings. The ten teams that write the best reports will be selected as the Astro Pi Mission Space Lab winners!

Who can take part?
Anyone who is 19 years or younger
In teams of two to six
Supervised by a teacher or mentor
50% of teams’ members need to be citizens of an ESA Member/Associate Member State

Please contact us if you are interested via our club e-mail 
Twitter @chertseyrc