Wednesday 27 February 2019

JY1SAT decoding audio and image

Download the JY1SAT dashboard from this page:
Insert funcube dongle, click on capture from funcube, st back and relax.

Monday 25 February 2019

QO-100 Ehails2 CW beacon received using Funcube dongle, sdrsharp and existing untouched Sky digital feed

To quote M0LTE "That sounds like it’s done every single one of those 35786km"
This gives you a instant clue that this is experimenting and nothing more

I set up sdrsharp with my old funcube pro plus dongle, setting the bias-T on and using some help from some people smarter than me to know where abouts the software would find 10GHz was able to easily find the qo-100 Ehailssat2 CW lower beacon.

I left the right side coax (as you look from the back) plugged into the sky box, and used the left side into the funcube. It's not a perfect fit, but ensure the outer casing is touching the outer dongle connection.

Tune the sky box to ITV Non HD, so this is "vertical low-band channel"

The CW reads: "dl50amsat  hi hi hi de qo-"

Suggested SDR settings to help improve reception

The CW lower end beacon is on 10489550.00 KHz.
You can use the web based SDR here: to hear all narrow band transmissions.

M0EYT and DF8JO sending Packet radio AX25 1k2 on Ehails2 *shout out to Chertsey club*

Saturday 23 February 2019

MARCONIssta call to power stickers and thank you note for taking part

Martin DJ1MBB kindly send us some stickers and a nice letter to thank us for sending a carrier on UHF at the ISS as it flew over the UK. This helped them track and record data needed for their project.

Monday 18 February 2019

M0EYT on qo-100 ehails2

SSTV martin 1
using mmsstv 

using virtual audio and the qo-100 narrow band web sdr

Qatar OSCAR-100 decoding narrow band upper beacon from the websdr.

Access the narrow band web based sdr here:
Download software decoder here

Install virtual audio cable:

Ensure to click on *click here to start sound*
Select upper beacon preset
open AO40Rcv software
(Sound from websdr should pipe to AO40 decoder)
Allow to run for some time as the beacon is not always transmitting

Sunday 17 February 2019

(Cooking) Taco's

Mince, onion, 2 peppers, taco mix, taco shells, cheese, lettuce, salsa, sour cream

Dice up the peppa and onion
Fry up the mince, drain any water / fat off
Add the peppa and the onion
Mix and continue to cook until the peppa and onion is reduced
Grate the cheese, and shred the lettuce
For the kids (or non spice lovers) split the mince and veg between 2 pans, add taco mix to one pan

Mix thoroughly 

Place the taco shells in a preheated oven (180 fan) for 5 minutes

Serve up in bowls with plates and get your hand dirty and enjoy.

Friday 15 February 2019

ISS SSTV NASA Received in the UK