Thursday, 15 June 2017

Lilacsat 1 and 2 decoder now available on Raspberry Pi (3) image

We spent some time installing and testing out fitting all the GNU radio and demodulators onto a pi image.

Results you need 2 pi's to make this work well.

The image is available here

So we build GNU radio and gr-satellites and gr-lilacsat from scratch along with all dependencies

GNU radio loads and iports the lilacsat modules (detects funcube / airspy dongles)

The proxy loads and run OK

The front end module loads and displays the graphs just fine

Then we hit a resource issue, the pi-3 cannot handle running the second GNU radio module to decode the digital voice.

We think the answer is to build a second pi-3 to run just the decoder, and change the front-end gnu radio block to pipe the audio to the second pi.

We will continue to test and let you know how we get on, anyone who wants to test and give us feedback please do.

Twitter: @chertseyrc