Sunday, 28 October 2018

Helping Staines Street Angels with communication on the streets

The Chertsey radio club is helping local goodwill project "Staines Street Angels" by supplying and setting up several handheld radio's and a base station, so they can keep in contact with each other and help ensure their safety whilst out on the streets of Staines.


Images captured by Bob M6FLT


Monday, 22 October 2018

20th Egham Raspberry Jam

Freeby finger lights up for grabs from the Chertsey Stall

Virtual Buildathon electronics projects

Shot showing Vbuild and Astro pi demo and also the PiRate FM demo

Class is set up ready to go

Second shot of the class room

Demonstrating the Astro_Pi

Told you there were lights up for grabs!

PiRate FM demonstration

Here are some of our vbuild electronics projects

The end of Astro Pi Mission zero presentation

Great afternoon had by Chertsey Radio Club

This is what we came up with for the finger lights