Friday, 19 February 2016

Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Bristol, UK

My recording

  • A direct contact via GB1OAB with students at Oasis Academy Brightstowe, Bristol, UK is scheduled for  Fri 2016-02-19 14:23:23 UTC 78 deg. The scheduled astronaut is Timothy Peake KG5BVI.
You can watch the contact at Their stream starts about an hour or so prior to contact.
Audio from this contact will be fed to:EchoLink *AMSAT* (101377) and the IRLP Node 9010 Discovery Reflector. Streaming audio will be available at:
Audio on Echolink and web stream is generally transmitted around 20 minutes prior to the contact taking place so that you can hear some of the preparation that occurs. IRLP will begin just prior to the ground station call to the ISS. Audio for this contact is a relay from the Principia website and is dependent on their stream.
  • A direct contact via K4UAH with students at University of Alabama, Huntsville Space Hardware Club, Huntsville, Alabama, USA is scheduled for Fri 2016-02-19 17:20:14 UTC 72 deg.The scheduled astronaut is Tim Kopra, KE5UDN.

The Space Hardware Club at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is an engineering club of students that builds balloon payloads, satellites and rockets outside of their regular classes. The club has been working on this contact for over a year. After deciding to focus on 8th grade students, we reached out to Discovery Middle School, Westlawn Middle School, and the Tennessee Valley Homeschool 4-H group – all from the northern Alabama area. The students from Westlawn have been part of Project Lead The Way for 2 years now and have been exposed to robotics, modeling, and 3d printing. The students from the homeschool group all have a passion for STEM, a love of learning and being challenged, and are bubbling with excitement for this opportunity of a lifetime. There are two STEM II classes from Discovery Middle School that routinely rise to the expectations of their accelerated STEM focused curriculum. By the time of the contact, the students will have learned about the ISS, the astronauts and some of the experiments aboard, and amateur radio.  All of the students and club members involved are passionate about this opportunity, and thank you for your time.