Saturday, 6 February 2016

"Gesmundo Moro Fiore" Secondary School, Terlizzi, Italy

A telebridge contact via LU1CGB with students at "Gesmundo Moro Fiore" Secondary School, Terlizzi, Italy was successful Sat 2016-02-06 09:09:01 UTC 40 deg.  Astronaut Tim Peake, KG5BVI answered 18 questions prepared by students.

 ‘’Gesmundo – Moro – Fiore ‘’ is a secondary school formed of two different buildings in the suburb area of Terlizzi. The new school was born this school year from the fusion of two schools. In the last few years some foreign citizens from Eastern Europe to Mediterranean Africa are coming to live in Terlizzi, so the school is having new needs and is facing different realities. The school facility includes laboratories ICT, Technology, Art, conference room , library. multimedia room and big spaces outside with wonderful gardens.