Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Retevis RT-36 **Robot* Walkie Talkie

Oscar Thomas and Leo Playing with the RT-36 Robot Walkie Talkies at the park. 

The Retevis RT-36 Walkie talkie comes in a set of 2, has rechargeable batteries, belt clip and a really neat double charger (you can charge both radios together from one plug)

Assembly is easy, insert batteries, push the belt clip in place and you are ready to go.
Batteries are hidden behind the belt clip and no concerns that children will get access easily.

Charging is simple, move the robot arm up, insert cable and plug in, few hours is all that is needed for several hours of operation.

As a Parent, I had a concern that the red rubber feet of the robot, could easily be pulled off and therefore swallowed or become potential choking hazard!

The radios have some neat features, you can customise the colour of the screen (7 to choose from)
There is a paging signal, press the power button for a second, you can choose 10 different sounds
You can activate VOX, which means when radio hears your voice it will transmit, useful for smaller children who can't quite press the button
On one of the Robot feet is a small but very bright LED light, which the children found useful when it got darker and at night (kept by the bed)

Thomas really enjoyed playing with the robot walkie talkie, he has autism, but found the radio simple to use and the bright colours and simple design gave him easy access to using them.

Leo and Oscar, both really enjoyed using the radio, they made up several games including using the robot as a Pokemon device (sorry Dad has no idea)