Friday, 21 July 2017

Chertsey Radio Club Summer Raffle

Chertsey Radio Club is holding its summer raffle and has some great prizes to give away.

RETEVIS have kindly donated an RT82 DMR dual band radio and programming cable.

The RSGB have also donated a couple of books as two additional prizes - we all need to read more radio stuff don't we however we are as yet to receive them so please watch this space and we will reveal what they are when we can.

and there is even more... Kanga Products (UK) approached us wanting to help too and very generously offered TWO MORE prizes... the MOTGN Morse Tutor kit & DX40rx kit

We also have a years membership to AMSAT-UK up for grabs which the Chertsey Radio Club has added to the prize pot ourselves. Because we have had so much fun on the satellites recently we thought you should investigate them too (if you haven't already?)!

The money raised will help purchase a simple UK Business License (radio) for The National Autistic Society, which follows on from Project "Thomas Watch" We hope that after obtaining the licence it will make Project Thomas UK wide project and thus help support people on the autistic spectrum, by allowing them to use radios as a form of communication, monitoring and helping them gain some independence.

All other monies remaining generated by this raffle will be donated to Cancer Research UK for the fantastic work they do and the help and support several members of the club and our friends have had in the last few years.

Please click on the donate button below to buy your ticket - £1

**Thank you**

Raffle ticket amount

The draw will be held on August 31st 2017


73 de MX0MXO - Chertsey Radio Club