Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Gpredict running on Raspberry pi3 with LCD and Yaesu Ft-857

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

sudo apt-get install ham-lib
sudo apt-get install gpredict

Plug in the USB to cat control cable to radio / pi

On the Radio (857) set cat speed to 9600

Next set the radio into split VFO mode:

SPLIT FREQUENCY OPERATION This transceiver provides convenient split-frequency operation, using VFO-A and VFO-B, for DX working and other operating situations requiring unique split frequency pairs. The example below will describe a typical split-frequency DX situation on the 20-meter band, with a DX station transmitting on 14.025 MHz, listening 10 kHz higher in the band. 1. Set VFO-A to 14.035.00 MHz CW (DX station’s listening frequency). 2. Press the [FUNC] key momentarily, then rotate the SELECT knob, as needed, until Multi Function Row “a” [A/B, A=B, SPL] appears on the display. 3. Press the [B](A=B) key momentarily (to set VFOs A and B to 14.035.00 MHz). 4. Press the [A](A/B) key momentarily to select VFO-B, then tune the VFO-B frequency to 14.025.00 MHz (DX station’s transmitting frequency). 5. Press the [C](SPL) key momentarily. The transceiver will now transmit using the VFOA frequency, and will receive using the VFO-B frequency. The “” icon will appear at the left side of the “SPL” indication, and the “SPL” icon will appear at the upper left corner of the display. 6. To listen to the pile-up calling the DX station (so as to align your frequency more closely to that of the station being worked by the DX), press the [A](A/B) key to reverse the VFOs. You will now be tuning in the vicinity of 14.035 MHz, and you can zero in on the DX station’s listening frequency by tuning in on the station in QSO with the DX. Press the [A](A/B) key again to return to reception on the DX station’s frequency. 7. Press the [C](SPL) key once more to cancel split operation; the “” icon and “SPL” icon will disappear from the display.

From the command line check you can access the radio type:

rigctl -m 122 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 9600
(if connects OK)

You can try setting the frequency by typing
F 145800
f (lower case) will read the frequency!
quit this application back to command line

To run the daemon on port 4532 (default for gpredict) type the following command and leave it running, you can use & if you want to ;-)

 rigctld -m 122 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 9600 -t 4532

Next you will need to run gpredict, either click on the desktop icon or run gpredict from the command line.

Configure Gpredict interface as follows

Under the radio settings you can now automate the radio to track the satellite frequency. You should see the radio tracking. Click T, Click Track, Click Engage.

In the above video you can see as I key up (TX) the frequency changes, it on the left side as this is Duel VFO (duel simplex) and not 2 radios (left and right) side of screen.