Friday, 18 August 2017

Articles published and shared by AMSAT-UK

Press reports ISS success of Chertsey Radio Club 
The Surrey press report radio amateurs at the Chertsey Radio Club received test transmissions by two satellites inside the International Space Station (ISS). The club also received ISS Slow Scan Television images.
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M0JFP's Recording of satellites Tanusha 1 and Tanusha 2 being tested inside the International space station and relayed via the 145.800 onboard radio. 

Join the build-a-thon (2/70 diplexer kit and homebrew satellite antenna)

M0JFP's LilacSat 1 and 2 Raspberry pi(3) experimental decoder image and M6SIG live CD install and usage instructions 

March edition of AMSAT magazine OSCAR news

Celebrating YOTA 2016 with the 6th Staines Scouts, cubs and Beavers (GB16YOTA)

Beginners Guide to Satellite operating

ISS SSTV on Baofeng Hand Held
QSSTV on the Raspberry Pi

How to work FM Satellites

Beginners (guide to satellite)