Sunday, 3 September 2017

Virtual Build a thon 2 / 70 Diplexer surface mount kit video

You can order the kit from Janilab: Click Here 
Make sure you ask for it as a kit, or it will be shipped complete ;-)

Presented by Bob M6FLT / KG7VZD (above)



Here is the board as constructed by Chris G0JPS (above)

Here is the board as constructed by Matthew M0ZKK (above)

Andrew DL1UGH doing the live build

Meanwhile in Florida Kevin KK4YEL is battling a storm of his own...You can hear the rain and thunder from his shack....

Maurice G4YHE

Michael G0POT joined us and kept the questions and the banter going 


Rolfe james above with his completed diplexer kit


Kevin KK4YEL built and tested a successful diplexer kit, but still hates SM components