Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Setting up and installing PDW Paging Decoder Software

Since 2003, Peter Hunt has developed PDW to the most important (free!) application to monitor POCSAG and FLEX. PDW has many users worldwide, from radio enthusiasts to professionals. After 10 years, Peter considers PDW as finished and he has stopped development.

Click here for the main site

Click on the link for PDW V3.12(zip), the file will be downloaded to the downloads folder or can be seen at the bottom of the browser window. Presuming you have winzip or similar installed, extract all files to a new  folder.

In the new folder double click (to execute) PDW as highlighted above.

If you see the following warning message, please uncheck always ask before opening this file, click on run.
initial start up may show not able to connect to com port, you can ignore this for now.

Now that PDW is running, click on Interface--setup.
Uncheck the serial port and change sound card to VB audio output.

next click on options--options and ensure POCsag is enabled for each of its modes along with flex

You can test the software can hear the signal by going to the following wiki page and playing the sample files: 

and various youtube videos have samples: 

Now you just find a web sdr and tune to a POCSAG frequency