Monday, 22 April 2019

Bias Tee virtual buildathon #vbuild is back

Chertsey Radio club 

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£12 Including postage


We will be running an evening session in the next few weeks and building the Bias-tee kit.
This simple kit helps supply 12 or 18 volts to the satellite dishes LNB, this in turn powers either the horizontal or vertical antenna amplifiers. The Narrow band (voice, CW, data) is Vertical, whilst the TV band is Horizontal. The kit contains 10 components (full size, no SMD!) and its estimated between 15 and 45 minutes to build and test the board.
We will be running the sessions using ZOOM platform and will share video and audio with the group. All videos of the build will be shared after the event on this site. You will need basic soldering kit, snips and at least a multimeter to run the electrical tests. To receive Es'hailsat 2 (QO-100) you will also need an old satellite dish and a reasonable LNB, available on ebay for about  £12 including postage. The last thing you will need is a cheap SDR dongle, these can be easily purchased for about £15.

Setting up and pointing the dish, is a combination of fun and stress, but once you pick up the signal the satisfaction will overwhelm you.

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Part 1 of the build, check components, slight modifications and tweaks explained.

Part 2 inserting the components

Part 3 solder test and use (fin)

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