Monday, 20 May 2019

Hosting GB1MIR special call 28 years anniversary

20th May 2019 Sunday afternoon AO91

21st May 2019 Monday afternoon AO91

Monday afternoon XW2C

22nd May 2019 Tuesday XW-2A

23rd May 2019 Wednesday XW-2A Contact with f5mse in Normandie France

24th May 2019 Thursday
XW-2C  Contact with Italy call IZ5ILX
XW-2B  (Just my echo's)
XW-2F  (Just my echo's)

25th May 2019 Friday
AO-91 busy pass

28th May 2019 Tuesday XW-2A
29th May 2019 Wednesday XW-2C la7xk
EO-88 (beacon)

6th June 2019 Video transmitted on QO-100 satellite
thanks to ON7ATV, CT1BYM and SV8RV

Link to transmitted video
note first few seconds are a youtube advert!