Tuesday, 2 June 2020

GB1Mir working through 10 meter FM repeater HB9HD created a mini pile up of UK callers

I was very lucky today to catch the Swiss repeater HB9HD (https://www.hb9hd.ch/index.php/10m)
The above video was taken by Ed, operating as GX3WMU (Amberley Museum) Thanks for sharing on Twitter!

I was also able to work the following stations, and I must point out that next door was having some building works done and they were cutting a metal joist at the time (ear piercing)

G1YPM Ricky
M6WVV Steve south coast
G0CQI Mike Weymouth
G0CQI Nigel Oxford
MW0GSR Simon West coast of Wales
MM6NRK Geard Scotland
G4CFB Kevin Brighton
GX3MXU Ed Amberley Museum
G0FVF/M  Norfolk
2E0PKH Paul Norfolk
2E0TSA Tony London
MI0ITS Paul Northern Ireland
M0VIE Kevin IO83SC Crew
MW7GNZ North Wales

My reception of the repeater form Staines in Middlesex (IO91SK) was 5/9