Saturday, 10 September 2016

CRC raspberry pi-3 Storm Trooper edition

Download Trooper1-1 (Oct-3-2016) here

Please unzip using 7zip which you can download from here:

I have had 2 reports of the image freezing at the boot screen, I have deleted and uploaded a fresh image. Let me know if you have any issues at all?

We have created a raspberry pi 3 image which currently has support for the dv4 mini, fun cube, air spy and rtl dongles.
We added our own splash screen
Our unique set up announces the local IP address, just plug in your headphones or speaker into the pi.
Like other images ours also auto starts dv4 software so you can run headless (no screen)
We also installed dv4fm
Latest version of GQRX is also installed

Virtual radar is also installed
SSTV is also there 
MMDV installed
remote desktop is installed so you can access from a windows or Linux PC easily 

We will be adding as many useful programs as possible.

We will add the link early next week so you can get a copy of our image