Friday, 9 September 2016

gqrx 2.6 update now working raspberry pi-3 and **AirSpy**

See our ready rolled Raspberry pi-3 image here including the latest GQRX!

If you have not installed GQRX before please take a look at this article first:


Log into your raspberry pi-3

Install some prerequisite software:

sudo apt-get install  libboost-all-dev

Change to your hoe directory
cd /home/pi

Pull down the latest (2.6) version of GQRX from Git
git clone gqrx.git

Change directory to your newly downloaded source files
cd gqrx.git/

Make the install file

Compile the sources (takes a very long time!!!!)

Now do the installation of your compiled file
make install

to run the programme type: gqrx (in a terminal window from the GUI / window)