Thursday, 23 March 2017

Trilogy / kydera cdm-550h 40 Watts UHF Mobile DMR

So the 550 arrived and this is a quick demonstration of what in the box and how to set it up.

Please throw away the CD, its not needed and is probably not a good idea to place on your PC, please download software from web site.
Box contains the usb / programming cable, power cable, mounting bracket, mic bracket, microphone and of course the radio!

Here is the radio fresh out of the box, The radio is 140X175X46MM average size for a mobile.
The radio has a large display and several easy access buttons. Top Left selects the Talk group, Right top is digital volume, bottom is analogue volume control.

As you can see, when powered up, using a PSU or 12V battery, the screen is large and bright, easy to ready with large clear text. The surrounding buttons are also illuminated which will help when used in the car at night. From the display you can see Digital is selected (black arrow pointing at digital), pressing and holding the right bottom button will select Analogue mode. The last line shows the Repeater you are on, and the second line shows the talk group. The very top line shows the signal, power level, time and current voltage.

When you press the bottom left button, you access the menu, using the top left tuning knob, you can move up and down the menu, pressing the bottom left button to select the sub menu's.
From the menu you can adjust the power, change the repeater, set up the GPS, set time and date and send / receive text messages.

Quick video above showing menu being accessed.

Video above working into my local repeater GB7HR and a short conversation.
You can hear the quality of the incoming call is crystal clear and no issues at all.
The DMR ID is displayed, and in the contacts setting you could add the ID / name and the name would be displayed.

All the usual DMR features work on this mobile radio, Text messages, stun, kill, emergency alarm.
This model also has GPS, a GPS antenna is connected at the rear of the unit using a SMA connector.

The main aerial connector is a standard SO239.

I'll add more pictures and video wit the advanced features as time permits.

So you have a quite powerful fully featured DMR mobile, how much is this going to cost you?
Programmed and delivered £295. This includes the import duty and currency exchange fee's.

Remember Trilogy was created from Chertsey radio club and its principles are to supply cost effective DMR equipment, programmed and ready to use out of the box. We do not charge VAT, we do not make profit.

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james / M0JFP / WO2I