Monday, 17 April 2017

Online / Web based Kiwi SDR WSPR monitoring stations at your disposal

The new KIWI SDR allows users to share their station on-line and allow us to log in and tune around.

Go to the follow web page pick a location / SDR you want to use

On most of the stations you will have the control panel in the bottom left side of the screen, this will allow you to change band and mode, some of the HF stations have a box for extension, the last optin in there is WSPR and you can open a web based WSPR monitor. This could be useful to see if you are spotted at all?

Select WSPR option and the box below will also open on the screen.

Firstly select the band you wish to monitor.
Note if you choose to upload, the owners details are used. On some systems its quite slow to get the data decoded (3 minutes plus) but as you can see we do get some results.

If you visit the WSPR net web site you can search for the websdr call sign (in our case KH6ILT)

As you can see the spots have been uploaded and you can see good graphical representation linking each spot back to its location.

This is by far the simplest way we have found to pop up a WSPR monitoring station thanks to some dedicated SDR owners and to Kiwi for the software (and hardware of course) support.