Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Phoenix DMR repeater network now available via the DV4-mini and other dongles.

At long last you can now use your dv4-mini, sharkrf and DV mega etc to access the (local for us) Phoenix repeaters / talk groups. This should give DMR a little bit of a kick start and hopefully allow a bit more activity on the local repeaters and allow more interaction from abroad.


In the DV4mini control panel software, click on the “Expert Settings” tab and under “Choose nearest DMR Master:” select Phoenix-C.

From the DVControl tab you can then select “DV4mini Settings” DMR+, and from the TS2 Reflector list select “4404” for access to TG840.

SharkRF OpenSpot

Log into the web interface and select the “Connectors” tab. Select DMR+. From the Server list, select “Phoenix-C”. 


Currently only connection to our network via the MMDVMHost application is possible. When setting up the MMDVMHost software you will need to edit the MMDVM.ini file to point to our Master server. Under the section “[DMR Network]” set the following settings.
[DMR Network]
# Local=3350
# Options=
If you would like the DVmega to automatically connect to reflector 4404 for use on TG840 remove the “#” before “Options=” and change the line to say.
StartRef = Initial Reflector
RelinkTime = If you change reflector this is the timeout before it switches back to 4404
UserLink = Whether reflectors can be changed via private calls from a radio.
You will need to use the 24112016 version (latest as of 28th Nov 2016) for the Options to work. A windows 32bit version of the MMDVMHost.exe can be found HERE. It should replace the current windows version you are using (rename existing or backup).

for updates and latest information refer to : http://www.dmr-uk.net/index.php/hotspots/